Bike Tour Highlands to Rino

We started out at Denver Beer Co and as usual I think the best description is “adequate”. Yep, they have beers; yes, eventually you will get service. Probably the most interesting thing about it is watching the Highland Hipster scene play out. However it was the appointed start for our ride so after a bland Hefeweizen I tried the Night at the Duxbury Oyster Stout and was very pleasantly surprised with a full-flavored beer (see Beer of the Week)

From there it was a short but circuitous ride along the Platte past broken bottles and bathing homeless to Mockery and a much more flavorful experience. I tried too many to list but overall the whole experience was fantastic. One of the highlights was The Ultimate Session Beer – an English Old Style Ale with lower 4.9% ABV and the addition of oak spirals. The bartender described it as a barley wine without the high ABV but I think the oak added some great toasty flavors as well. Definitely a good medium-body beer that you can enjoy without getting tipsy. The Foreign Export Coffee Stout was a little too full-bodied and dark for the hot summer day, but the beer itself was pretty good – real coffee flavor with even a hint of spice without having a burned taste like many coffee beers.

Finally on to Diebolt, which involves a bit of backtracking but a more pleasant ride mostly through parks and neighborhoods. I’ve tried most of their standard beers so when I saw the Reunion Gose w/ Pink Peppercorns on the menu I knew I had to give it a try. Compared to most other Goses it was pleasant in that it had hints of salt and didn’t taste like someone dumped a whole shaker in your pint. Going light on the salt really let the pink peppercorns and coriander flavors come out for a pleasant summer beer.

Note: There is a lot of construction in the area so be sure to check out the latest maps for detours.

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