Aurora Strong – Same Idea, Seven Interpretations

For the fifth annual A Night to Remember fundraiser, seven Aurora breweries each brewed their own unique version of a Belgian Strong  Ale. So far I’ve only tried the Copper Kettle and Two22 versions but the tastiness of those makes me want to track down the other five. Continue reading “Aurora Strong – Same Idea, Seven Interpretations”

Beer Of The Week: Resolute Hefeweizen

Resolute Brewing had their grand opening on August 19 and definitely made a good start of it. In addition to drawing a full house of beer drinkers, Resolute offered a broad cross-section of beers to serve diverse tastes.  One of the standouts for me was the hefewiezen. It has the traditional look and body that one would expect – a little cloudy and lightly Continue reading “Beer Of The Week: Resolute Hefeweizen”

Resolute Brewing Opening in DTC

Helping to end the long drought of craft beer in the DTC area, Resolute Brewing Company will hold their Grand Opening this Friday August 19 from 11am. Resolute is located near I25 & Arapahoe and joins Halfpenny Brewing in serving the Arapahoe Road corridor of DTC.

Beer of the Week – Grandma’s House Gringanzo Vienna Lager

Grandma-approved crocheted tap handles

Going to Grandma’s House is kind of like stepping onto the set for an over-the-top old lady place in a tv sitcom. There are an awful lot of (tacky) knicknaks to look at and some serious throwback furniture. But of course we didn’t come for the decor – there’s already plenty of tacky  at “antique” stores on that stretch of Broadway. We came for the beer. The first one I tried was the Gringanzo Vienna-Style Lager. It was a fair, if not excellent, version of a Vienna lager with a good copper color, some malty flavor, and a touch of hop bitterness. In my opinion it could have used a bit more malt to give it a stronger and more distinct flavor profile but in general it’s a pleasant and sessionable beer.



Rocky Mountain Brewing News August-Sept Edition Is Out

Rocky Mountain Brewing News has just published their August/September issue online, which features some of the Colorado Springs breweries we visited back in July and has some ideas for some more if you want to create your own brewery-filled day trip. Check it out! . Print copies are also available in lots of local breweries.

Beer of the Week: Copper Kettle Anaheim Chili Lager

ChiliCopper Kettle’s Anaheim Chili Lager truly is a “Beer of the Week” as it’s part of their Wednesday night cask series. While it was probably gone before the night was out, the good news is that every Wednesday in August has a new chili-themed release. Based on this beer, Wednesday moved up in my favorite-day-of-the week ranking.

The Anaheim Chili Lager appeared to use a base of Vienna Lager – darker and maltier than the typical Mexican Lager in many chili beers. However it also came with a solid chili bite. The chili was well-applied and avoided the awful green-pepper, vegetal flavor in some chili beers while not going to the melt-your-face-hot zone.  Between the sweet & malty Vienna Lager and the moderate chili bite the beer had a great balance. You could easily drink more than one. Continue reading “Beer of the Week: Copper Kettle Anaheim Chili Lager”

Beer Of The Week: Ursula Brewery Scary Stories Porter

After the upheaval and ouster of the brewer and Coda name and I was curious to see how things are shaping up at the rechristened Ursula Brewery.  I’m happy to report that the beer menu seems to have increased, with the same focus on traditional styles complemented with experimental beers, many utilizing fruit in some fashion. The Scary Stories Porter, though not fruity, stood out with its heavy roasted malt flavors and a significant cholocolate component. The roasted malt even imparted somewhat of a coffee flavor. Definitely a big beer, made bigger by the 8.8% ABV – have too many of those that close to E Colfax and one can only imagine the types of scary stories that could ensue!

Ursula Taps
Presumably the name came from the location on Ursula St. but they’ve seen to have embraced an Under the Sea theme