Beer of the Week: Copper Kettle Anaheim Chili Lager

ChiliCopper Kettle’s Anaheim Chili Lager truly is a “Beer of the Week” as it’s part of their Wednesday night cask series. While it was probably gone before the night was out, the good news is that every Wednesday in August has a new chili-themed release. Based on this beer, Wednesday moved up in my favorite-day-of-the week ranking.

The Anaheim Chili Lager appeared to use a base of Vienna Lager – darker and maltier than the typical Mexican Lager in many chili beers. However it also came with a solid chili bite. The chili was well-applied and avoided the awful green-pepper, vegetal flavor in some chili beers while not going to the melt-your-face-hot zone.  Between the sweet & malty Vienna Lager and the moderate chili bite the beer had a great balance. You could easily drink more than one. If you missed this one don’t despair. The schedule for the rest of the month looks just as satisfying:

  • 8/10 Spiced Sobremesa with Hatch Chilies
  • 8/17 Red Drago Thai Chili Lager
  • 8/24 Vietnamese Pale Ale
  • 8/31 Pasilla Amber Ale

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