Beer Of The Week: Resolute Hefeweizen

Resolute Brewing had their grand opening on August 19 and definitely made a good start of it. In addition to drawing a full house of beer drinkers, Resolute offered a broad cross-section of beers to serve diverse tastes.  One of the standouts for me was the hefewiezen. It has the traditional look and body that one would expect – a little cloudy and lightly carbonated – however the taste was where it really got interesting.  This beer came out strong on the sweet/banana side of the hefe style with a strong honey-like sweetness, plus a  noticeable yeastiness. For better or worse the beer did not have the  offsetting strong spiciness that one usually finds in a hefe. Overall it was a very sweet, fruity, and yeasty beer without any of the crispness that one often finds in hefeweizens.

Full House at Resolute Brewing Grand Opening

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