Beer Of The Week – Creede Brewing 8 Inch Hand Drill Double IPA

20160914_203653_hdrIf you’re a “more is more” hop-lover then just keep on scrolling. However if you’re up for disregarding strict style confines to focus on beer flavor, Creede Brewing Company’s  8 Inch Hand Drill DIPA is kinda tasty. It may be “double” on the alcohol but it tastes like an IPA Lite – thin bodied and modest on the hops, but honestly a pleasant-drinking beer. If beer’s not your thing,  Creede’s owner Jason certainly has a more-is-more attitude when it comes to drinking. Creede is one of the only craft breweries to have a full bar license so they have more, and stronger options than beer. To summarize, Creede’s in an electic area of town, with an unusual drink selection, and probably merits a try to decide if it’s your thing or not.

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