GABF Day One

Well, the first night of GABF is in the books and it looks like some interesting trends are underway. After a long run of popularity pumpkin beers look to be on their way out, along with the oddly-flavored beers (peanut butters, girl scout cookies and the like). In their place, Oktoberfests and to a lesser extent browns. I also noticed fewer IPAs, however I did not make it to the Pacific Northwest where I’d expect they are still going strong. The Meet The Brewer section returned this year and far, far in the back there’s an endcap with many of last year’s medal winners. There are so many beers and so little time, so I’ll recommend the breweries below as  worth seeking out because they have a solid lineup across the board.

  • Denver’s own River North (Meet The Brewer – Y10)
  • Lickinghole from Virginia (Mid-Atlantic – A33)
  • Sierra Blanca from New Mexico (Southwest – E26)
  • Rahr from Texas (Endcap across from E18/E19)
  • Holy City from South Carolina (Southeast – M28)
  • Taxman from Indiana (Great Lakes – U19)



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