Brewery Snapshot: Westfax Brewing Company


Ok, so trying out a new thing – focusing on a brewery instead of a beer since breweries stick around but beers come & go. Since I happened to visit Westfax Brewing Company last weekend trying out my brand new Pub Pass it seemed as good as any place to start.

Overall Westfax works as a neighborhood bar, sandwiched next to Casa Bonita, perhaps for parents who need a buzz to be able to deal with the crappy food and cheesy decor. I can’t say that anything about Westfax particularly stands out, and I don’t mean that as a slam. It’s a pleasant-enough place to hang out with good beers. If you live in or visit the area it’s well worth a visit, but if you drive across town for it you’ll probably pass half a dozen similar neighborhood breweries with a similar experience.westfax

BEER LINEUP: Westfax offers a wide variety of standard styles, with a slight tilt toward flavored beers using coffee, blueberry, asian spices and more (thankfully not all in one beer!)

ATMOSPHERE: Standard strip-mall industrial. There’s nothing too unique there. The crowd seemed pretty chill for a Sunday afternoon and the brewery has several tvs for sports. A food truck served hungry drinkers and Westfax seems to have a rotating truck schedule..

SERVICE: The bartender provided friendly service, some tasting advice, and plenty of samples to help with beer selection.

NEIGHBORHOOD: Westfax is in the gritty part of West Colfax full of strip malls and dollar stores. There’s  nothing much of interest closeby, although Seedstock is about a five-minute drive away.

STANDOUT BEER: Everyone in our party agreed that the Bluetylicious blueberry wheat stood out. It has an unusual honey-copper color and a thin body. The flavors start with slightly sweet blueberry that is not overpowering and finish with a typical clean, mildly bitter wheat-beer taste.

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