Brewery Snapshot: Bierstadt Lagerhaus

bierstadt-lagerhausA relative newcomer to the RINO neighborhood, Bierstadt Lagerhaus offers an interesting destination concept by pairing with C Squared Ciders and the newly-reopened Rackhouse in an old industrial space. Bierstadt’s brewing talent comes from Bill Eye (formerly of Dry Dock and Prost Brewing) along with Ashleigh Carter (also formerly of Prost), both of whom are aficionados of German beer styles. The overall package makes for a convenient meeting place for friends with diverse tastes, as it offers a full bar in addition to the beer and cider options plus of course the Rackhouse food.

BEER LINEUP: German: that’s all

ATMOSPHERE: Bierstadt features a trendy, industrial vibe with the dining area elevated over the production facilities of the brewery and cider company. The three business have definitely configured the space for maximum impact, including mountain views out the back. If I had to name the atmosphere I’d call it “upscale industrial” compared to many breweries that jam taps into an old warehouse or strip mall and call it good. Business was a little slow the weeknight I visited, but it seems like a chill place to linger over beers and food.

SERVICE: Very friendly, knowledgeable and helpful in weighing beer choices. However the timing seemed a bit hit or miss. Perhaps they were understaffed that night or something else was going on, but from the looks of it efficiency wasn’t a strong point.

NEIGHBORHOOD: Stereotypical RINO. The area has lots of warehouses, many of which are being converted to trendy restaurants, bars, and galleries. There are also loads of other breweries in the area if you want to have a proper pub-crawl. You can generally find free parking, and best of all Bierstadt Lagerhaus has it’s own decent-sized lot.

STANDOUT BEER: All – or none – depending on your taste. All of the beers stood out equally for me as a German beer lover, but they would all probably have equally low appeal for someone who doesn’t like German styles. The beers I tried had the characteristic crisp and clean reinheitsgebot presentation of authentic German beers, and a hallmark of Bill Eye’s style

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