Brewery Snapshot: Station 26 Brewing Co.

Station 26 Brewing Co. occupies an old fire station (#26 actually) in an under-breweried part of northeast Denver at the edge of Stapleton. It has awesome outdoor spaces and a very energetic crowd, combined with a good-sized taplist . It might not be convenient to all parts of Denver but is worth a destination-trip for an afternoon of patio sipping.


BEER LINEUP: A diverse spread of beers ranges from ultra-light cream ales to high-gravity, syrupy quads. They cover most traditional styles so you will likely find your comfort zone. They also have a few non-traditional beers like Tangerine Cream, which is their Colorado Cream ale aged with tangerine zest.

ATMOSPHERE: The fire station has a funky mid-century institutional feel, starting with the colored, glazed cinderblock that should be familiar from old school buildings. It draws a younger, vibrant crowd and hits its stride on warm days, due to the huge fire-engine-sized garage doors and dual patios with games. I imagine that indoors gets pretty packed in bad weather. They regularly have food trucks and score extra points for having a barrel of pretzels for snacking (back corner,  left of bar).

SERVICE: Not particularly attentive on a busy Friday but if you get their attention the servers are very passionate about their beers and will give loads of information.

NEIGHBORHOOD:  Transitional, perhaps? It’s sandwiched between the quiet, older Park Hill neighborhood and the old Stapleton airport hotels. The immediate area of the brewery is residential, with plenty of street parking. The location also puts it right across Quebec from the pretty new Stepford neighborhoods of Stapleton..

STANDOUT BEER: People rave about the Tangerine Cream so I’ll mention it. My take is that is smells like a creamsicle but the taste picks up bitter elements of the tangerines (rind, maybe?). I found the Foreign Extra Stout compelling, with a solid body and notes of coffee and smoke, finishing with some coffee/roast bitterness.

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