Brewery Snapshot: Fermaentra Brewing

Located right off the DU campus on Evans, Fermaentra Brewing has a true neighborhood-bar feel with little of the college party vibe one might expect. It seems like more of a place where neighbors drop in for one or two than a hangout destination, perhaps because of the residential, high-traffic neighborhood. The cozy space provides a chill, relaxing spot to enjoy the rotating beer list and weekday afternoons they offer Happy Hour – a rarity among breweries.

20170211_211127BEER LINEUP: The beers tilt toward Belgian and high-gravity, although on this visit there were a couple of IPAs. If you’re a picky drinker check out the tap list before you go as Fermaentra does not always have broad style choices, although there’s enough variety you should be able to find something enjoyable.

ATMOSPHERE: The space offers a warm, friendly vibe featuring 20170211_211110
brick covered with modern art for sale. The crowd appeared to be grad students and neighborhood residents, so perhaps the undergrads were next door at Stadium Inn sucking down budget-friendly Buds. The taproom is on the small side and there’s no patio. Fermaentra doesn’t seem to have food trucks but there are a number of takeway places nearby.

SERVICE: Friendly and fast. They like to explain their beer

NEIGHBORHOOD: Fermaentra sits on the commercial strip of Evans just a couple blocks from DU. You can easily combine a brewery visit with dinner elswhere or bring food in. Parking is generally good and there’s a lot of activity and people on Evans, while the side streets are quieter and heavily residential.

STANDOUT BEER: Meristem Russian Imperial Stout falls squarely into the high-gravity Belgian-leaning category that Fermaentra excels at. You immediatly notice the thick and syrupy body, then the rich, slightly sweet chocolate/roasty flavors hit your mouth accompanied by a hint of raisin. Definitely don’t leave there without at least sample!

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