Brewery Snapshot: New Image Brewing Co.

At first glance New Image Brewing Co. seems to have a lot of potential, with its convenient location at the edge of Olde Town Arvada, its sleek modern look, and a trendy-sounding menu. However that starts to fall apart soon after setting foot inside when it becomes apparent that things are not really all that put together. Perhaps it’s that New Image is trying to be too many things at once – modern industrial and trendy, old-world handcrafted brews, restaurant, bar, hippie hangout. They definitely have some talent in making experimental beers but the rest of the experience feels equally experimental – from the service to the food things just don’t seem to come together. If you’re in the area it is worth a stop for a quick beer but don’t expect much else beyond a slightly confused experience.


BEER LINEUP: You’re unlikely to find traditional styles here. New Image focuses on non-traditional styles with various ingredients, experimental yeasts, and a high representation of sour and brett-influenced beers. Funky and eclectic might best fit the taplist.If you can’t embrace that, New Image does offer Olde Town Regular which is a drinkable basic lager

ATMOSPHERE: Confused. The decor says modern industrial trendy with metal & wood but the menus say handcrafted food & beer while the waitstaff says whacked-out & stoned. Nevertheless it seemed like a neighborhood drop-in with plenty of families at long picnic-style tables.

SERVICE: Slow and poor. All food orders went in at the same time but came out whenever. Some of our table finished eating before others were served, and the consensus on the food was “Meh” – bland and unexceptional. Likewise when checks were requested some were brought, others not, the waiter would wander over and collect one or two at a time, bring back one person’s change then wander off somewhere else. It was not a busy or hectic afternoon where that might be understandable.

NEIGHBORHOOD: New Image is at the edge of Old Town Arvada so it’s a very walkable area with lots of other small businesses. You can find nearby street or lot parking.

STANDOUT BEER: Timber Rye Wine With Rosemary has a great balance starting with a base that tastes a little of barleywine, complemented with a gentle rye flavor and strong rosemary. As one might expect it comes with a higher alcohol content and the thicker body of a barleywine.

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