Brewery Snapshot: Baere Brewing Co.

For a place on hipster-heavy South Broadway, Baere Brewing Co.  feels surprisingly grounded. They don’t seem to be trying too hard to make a scene – angry, sour, kitschy, or anything else – and thus have a relatively traditional taproom with down-to-earth clientele and a beer list that contains well-done standards plus a modest level of experimentation. While I wouldn’t tag Baere as a destination hangout, the taproom is on the way to a lot of places which makes it easy to stop in for a couple of tasty brews.


BEER LINEUP: The beer list leaned heavily on IPAs but offered a fair amount of diversity from a super-light Berlinerweisse to a super-heavy Brown. Even non-hopheads will find something to enjoy.

ATMOSPHERE: Baere is located in an ancient strip mall that they’ve made the most of by adding garage doors, a patio, and filling it with rustic decor. The taproom opens to the brewery in back and accommodates some of the overflow barrels and product. The crowd seemed younger and more hipster, without a lot of families. It seemed like most people were passing through on their way somewhere else rather than making it their evening destination.

SERVICE: The bartenders offered reasonably quick service along with friendly and engaging beer info.

NEIGHBORHOOD: At 3rd and Broadway the neighborhood offers a melting-pot of old & run-down, slightly-dated, and new & fresh – both in the buildings and the people roaming around. The area gets a good walkability score, with lots of other businesses, restaurants, and breweries along the strip. It’s reasonably accessible by public transit busses, and parking is decent with both strip-mall lot and street parking.

STANDOUT BEER: Brown. It’s really more like a Brown on steroids with a higher-alcohol barleywine flavor and hints of heavy roast and coffee. With the heavy body and strong flavors it’s clearly a sipping-beer that gives a pleasant warming sensation the more you drink

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