April Happenings

With spring in the air, breweries are opening their garage doors and patios and offering plenty of activities to stay busy (and stay drinking!). Here’s a quick sample of a few that caught my eye for the coming month.

  • April 19 – Black Shirt Brewing opens a kitchen. Another excuse to hang out on their patio, sip some of their red beers, and listen to live music.
  • April 22 – The House That Beer Built fundraiser for Habitat for Humanity. Drink for the greater good at the Great Divide RINO location with 20+ breweries serving their beers.
  • April 29 – Belgian Brew Fest at Bruz Beers. Ten breweries and loads of yummy Belgian beer!
  • Finally, the opening date is TBD but Halfpenny Brewing Company has started construction on a much-needed, dog-friendly Biergarten. Hopefully it’ll be ready in time for the first really warm evenings to kick back with some beers in the ‘burbs

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