Brewery Snapshot: Comrade Brewing Co

Tucked away in a strip mall in the far Southeast corner of Denver near Iliff & Quebec, Comrade Brewing Co specializes in IPAs and all things hoppy. The atmosphere is pretty basic and the location is a bit far out but if you either live in Southeast Denver or love IPAs it’s worth checking out, particularly on a nice day when they open the garage doors.


BEER LINEUP: IPAs and more IPAs. Comrade has always specialized in this style and features numerous varieties. While they typically throw a few bones to the non-hophead crowd, IPAs are where they stand tall.

ATMOSPHERE: Somewhat uninviting. The former auto-body space is wrapped in concrete and rather dark with little in the way of decoration and charm, although the garage doors add some appeal on warm days. Comrade almost always has a food truck – usually a really good one too.

SERVICE: Excellent. Most of the staff has been there a long time and they really seem to want you to want their beer. Everyone is friendly and eager to share knowledge and samples. One unusual twist, Comrade doesn’t really do table service so you go to their service counter to get your beer. The counter has no seating or incentive to congregate so people get their beer and go and it works really well to keep the beer flowing fast.

NEIGHBORHOOD: Not much to speak of. Comrade lives between some auto-body shops in a strip mall complex surrounded by other strip malls and located in a suburban apartments-and-condos area of southeast Denver. Parking is generally ample and if you’re a biker it’s about two minutes off the Cherry Creek trail at Iliff.

STANDOUT BEER:  I’m going to punt on this one and say any of the IPAs. Comrade runs the table in this category from traditional to New England IPAs all the way out to Double IPAs. They all tilt toward the heavily-floral side so if that’s your thing you’ll feel the love at Comrade.

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