Brewery Snapshot: Diebolt Brewing

Diebolt Brewing takes a bit of effort to find, located in a neighborhood northeast of 38th & Pecos, but the effort is rewarded by tasty beer, and once you’ve been there it’s easy to return. No doubt Diebolt’s retro-industrial look will feel trendy when Highlands-level development moves to the area, but for now it just feels like a practical design for a relaxed neighborhood hangout that makes accessible beers without pretense. If you want to make a day or evening of it, you can easily wander down to one of the nearby restaurants or even visit Factotum Brewhouse for more variety. 20170624_203711_HDR

BEER LINEUP: French and American wheat styles predominate with a few IPAs and other one-offs. Even if you don’t find your favorite style, Diebolt offers enough tame beers that you could likely find something to chill with for one or two.

ATMOSPHERE: The small taproom in an old industrial building has a pretty bare-bones feel. The  laid-back vibe, where both servers and patrons seemed very chill and familiar, felt like there’s a lot of neighborhood traffic. Usually a food truck will pull up, and in warmer months Diebolt opens their patio/loading dock out front. They also offer space in the brewing area for private events.

SERVICE: Laid back and low-key. Business was relatively slow when we were there so ordering at the bar was fast and friendly.

NEIGHBORHOOD: Located just north of 38th Ave, the area hasn’t seen the Highlands-hype from further south and remains working-class. Diebolt sits between a quiet single-family-home neighborhood and 38th Ave., with its semi-seedy/newly-trendy mashup of restaurants, tattoo parlors, auto stores, liquor, etc. Access from I25 or I70 via 38th is quick and the neighborhood offers plenty of parking.

STANDOUT BEER: Anton Francois French Ale. The clear, straw/copper-colored beer delivers a pleasant balance of saison flavors (likely from the yeast) and a good hit of malt with some breadiness, without going too much into the Farmhouse realm, as can sometimes happen with these sorts of beers.

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