Brewery Update: 3 Freaks

3 Freaks Brewery is one of my favorite places to visit because they always have something interesting going on. As I noted when I profiled them earlier, the employees are the brewers and with minimal encouragement will tell you all about the interesting things they have on tap and their exciting plans. As for the beers, they keep a few year-round standards on tap including an IPA, a red, and a stout but their real strength is in their creativity.

At the Great American Beer Festival 3 Freaks 20171005_190941_HDRserved a Watermelon Blond, a Christmas Peppermint Chocolate, a Turkey Beer, and their IPA and all of them were delicious! The turkey is made with stuffing so not surprisingly it has a thick consistency with bready, sage, and spice flavors. Some people find it overwhelming but I can enjoy a pint before moving on to the Christmas Beer, which has nice light peppermint notes and robust chocolate flavors on top of a sturdy stout. Both beers are currently in the taproom with plans to keep them in some form through the holidays.

Just as interesting are their future plans. According to the staff, they will be bringing back the watermelon in season and plan to experiment with  beers as diverse as cinnamon toast crunch, a West Coast IPA, a cranberry wheat, and a beer with ginger and wasabi. They refuse to do the standard fall pumpkin ale and instead have plans for a beer based around acorn squash.

Located near Park Meadows, 3 Freaks is a bit of a haul for many people but I’d highly recommend making the trip, perhaps to wind down from some holiday shopping.

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