Brewery Snapshot: Woods Boss Brewing Company

Tapping into Coloradans’ love of the outdoors, Woods Boss Brewing Company brings an outdoors-themed taproom and beer menu to a formerly rough area of downtown that is under transition. The busy taproom serves up a wide variety of beers – some traditional, some unusual – that seem thoughtfully brewed and which, 20171109_191640_HDRfor the most part, deliver in the area of taste.

BEER LINEUP: The menu features a broad range of beer styles including many standard-style offerings like an IPA, ESB, red, etc. along with a number of styles with slight twists like a juniper wheat and oatmeal brown. There didn’t seem to be anything too far-out – just tweaks to the standards.

ATMOSPHERE: The taproom features lots of wood – tree trunks, split-log tables, beer-menu signs – which would seem at odds with the urban, industrial building but actually works to create a fresh, modern look. It seems like a place for the young professional crowd to get together and catch up or play some of the games on hand. They do not serve food.


SERVICE: Bar service only,  but the servers were attentive, informed, and helpful in making difficult choices among the numerous tasty-looking offerings.

NEIGHBORHOOD: Woods Boss is just a little north of the downtown business district in a  former urban wasteland of trash-strewn parking lots and empty warehouses. Now the area is slowly filling with small businesses and the patrons they bring. However it still feels rather sketchy, especially at night, with homeless staggering around like zombies, but free street parking is reasonably close to the brewery. There aren’t yet a lot of other 20171109_211457_HDRbusinesses to keep you in the area, but it’s building up fast.

STANDOUT BEER: The Enrosadira pink peppercorn saison has quite a bit going on aside from the usual Belgian-yeast saison flavor. The peppercorn added spicy and savory flavors including sage, reminiscent of Thanksgiving stuffing (in a good way). The golden appearance had a slight brown tint and touch of haziness typical of a saison. Overall it seemed a good fall/holiday beer – interesting but not overwhelming.

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