Brewery Snapshot: Golden City Brewery

Even though it’s 20 minutes from Denver, Golden City Brewery makes you feel a little like you’re in a small mountain town. Set in a neighborhood of old houses with a large patio and foothills views, Golden City offers a bit of an escape from hectic city life for a few hours. Of course, knocking back a few of their solid beers doesn’t hurt either!

BEER LINEUP: The menu features all the standards from golden to stout with everything in between, plus a few more adventurous beers like a sour and saison. All the beers I tried were enjoyable, though maybe not 100% true to style.

ATMOSPHERE: The overall atmosphere was 20180106_143918_HDRreally chill and given the proximity the the School of Mines there was a big college crowd. The indoor taproom is very tiny but fortunately when we were there it was nice enough to relax on the huge dog-friendly outdoor patio. The patio offers great views and also some gas fireplaces to take the chill off. If you are hungry, Golden City offers a very limited menu consisting 20180106_143034_HDRof brats and chips.

SERVICE: Very friendly but not terribly efficient. Customers line up at a single counter to order so if someone is sampling or getting chatty it can take a while. One nice feature is the outdoor ordering window for those on the patio. Note: For a brewery Golden City closes rather early – 6:30 or 7:30 depending on the day.

NEIGHBORHOOD: Golden City resides just a few blocks away from Golden’s main business district in a sleepy residential neighborhood of Victorian homes. It makes for a great afternoon to combine a few beers with a stroll to do some shopping or grab a bite to eat. If you only have time to pop in for a quick one, though, the neighborhood also has 20180106_150906_HDRplenty of free parking.

STANDOUT BEER: Lookout Stout. I really couldn’t ask for a better winter beer. The beer was so dark it was almost black and offered up strong rich malty flavors backed by some cocoa. Definitely something to cozy up with on a chilly day. The only (slight) disappointment was that for such a dark and intense beer the consistency was thinner than a typical stout.

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