Brewery Snapshot: Goat Patch Brewing Co.

20181026_141841_HDRLocated in what appears to be an old school converted into a mashup of businesses, Goat Patch Brewing Co. offers up a solid, standard brewery experience. In my opinion, it’s not a place to necessarily go out of the way for, but if you’re in the area and like beer you won’t come away disappointed.

BEER LINEUP: Goat Patch mostly offers the standards like a blond, a stout and several IPAs but includes a few more creative choices such as a pistachio nut brown and pumpkin porter. All the beers I sampled were decent, though none really jumped out as remarkable.

ATMOSPHERE: We visited in the afternoon and the 20181026_142228_HDRgenerously-sized taproom and ample patio were fairly full but with a relaxed feel. It seemed like a lot of regulars were in to either enjoy the patio or the airy interior. The taproom itself is your basic taproom – industrial with lots of concrete and steel and garage doors opening to the patio – but comfortable enough.

SERVICE: Our server was friendly and efficient and carded everyone with a passion rarely seen at craft breweries. 20181026_141819_hdr.jpg

LOCATION: Goat Patch occupies part of a former school that has been creatively converted to a strip mall to house various businesses in the classrooms and a fitness center in the gym. Though we didn’t eat there, the scandinavian restaurant next door looked tempting. The surrounding neighborhood is a mix of housing and20181026_143414_HDR random businesses, with nothing to particularly draw you except the businesses in Goat Patch’s strip mall. The mall offers loads of free and convenient parking.

STANDOUT BEER: Keeping with the relaxed and basic theme of the taproom, I thought the Red Ale was a comfortable choice to kick back with. The clear amber/brown brew came across very malty and rich without any unnecessary complexity or added flavors.

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