Brewery Snapshot: Atrevida Beer Co.

Stuck in the corner of an uninspiring strip mall, but with a focus on small batch production and creative twists on traditional styles, Atrevida Beer Co. is kind of a sleeper in my book that greatly exceeds outward expectations. Add in the funky Mexican taproom and friendly staff and and Atrevida rises pretty high on the must-visit list if I’m in Colorado Springs.

BEER LINEUP: Atrevida’s small-ish taplist covers a lot of territory, from standards like a brown and pale ale, through a tasty strawberry cream ale, to beers with pineapple and lemongrass. You’ll definitely find the basics, but be prepared to also have your horizons expanded – in the best possible way of course.atrevida-taproom.jpg

ATMOSPHERE: The small taproom has a chill Mexican theme going for it and feels a lot more comfortable than it looks from outside with a lot of bright colors, murals, and interesting decorations. There’s a definite industrial undertone of steel-and-concrete and on one side are racks of equipment producing the small-batch and experimental beers. The brewery also has a rather stark, sunbaked patio out front. Overall, the mashup of different elements works to create an unpretentious feel for hanging out. atrevida-brewing.jpg

SERVICE: Our server was very friendly and fast, both at the bar and the table.

LOCATION: There’s not much to recommend the atrevida-exterior.jpgindustrial-park neighborhood next to a busy highway except the plentiful parking. Atrevida is most definitely a destination brewery.

STANDOUT BEER: The Bouriqua Belgian Blonde with pineapple and citrus takes a solid, golden Belgian blonde and spices it up with a tasty balance of pineapple sweetness set off by lime-flavored citrus. Overall a very refreshing beer.

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