Brewery Snapshot: Upslope Brewing Company

While I’ve had several of Upslope Brewing Company’s widely-distributed brews, heading up to their Flatiron Park taproom in Boulder offered a whole new perspective. The smallish space in an industrial park serves up a much more expansive and creative menu of beers than I would ever have expected based on what’s available in bars and liquor stores.

20181214_132257_HDR.jpgBEER LINEUP: As a well-established brewery, Upslope’s tap list covers all bases: light, hoppy, malty, sour, special & seasonal, etc. Based on my limited experience just with what’ scanned and kegged I was blown away by the variety, creativity, and range of the the tap list. Upslope definitely has something for everyone.

ATMOSPHERE: On a Friday afternoon the taproom had a relaxed atmosphere of people playing hooky from work or just chilling out before weekend fun. The smallish taproom fits the bill for brewery design: steel, concrete, wood, a view of the brewing operations. They also have a patio for warm-weather fun, and both the patio and taproom have great foothills views. Although Upslope doesn’t serve food, they frequently host food trucks.

SERVICE: The bar-only service was efficient and the servers seemed relatively knowledgeable about the beers. 20181214_132737_HDR.jpg

NEIGHBORHOOD: The Flatiron Park location resides in standard brewery territory – namely an industrial park that requires a bit of a drive. There’s little else in the neighborhood as a draw, but if you go you’ll find ample parking20181214_142309_HDR.jpg. Alternately, it’s right off the Boulder Creek Trail for bikers.

STANDOUT BEER: The 2017 Christmas Ale comes on with dark color and a thick body as one would expect, and the subtle spice with significant malt character makes for a satisfying holiday experience.

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