Beer of the Month: American Amber Ale

April’s beer is an easy-drinking beer that’s probably familiar to most people and a go-to beer for many. A relative to the well-known pale ales, American Amber Ale has a darker color, fuller body, and a greater malt influence.goat-patch-beer-3.jpg

At the first appearance, ambers will be clear and amber (no surprise there) to copper in color. Most ambers will have a light-to-medium body with medium head, and typically a noticeable, but not excessive, hop aroma.

As far as flavors go, roasted malt/caramel characteristics will predominate but still leave room for detectable hop bitterness that provides a pleasant balance. You’ll find no flavor extremes here. With an ABV that generally falls into the medium/low range, these balanced beers go down easily and are relatively sessionable.

Along the Front Range, most beer-drinkers know Odell’s 90 Shilling and New Belgium’s Fat Tire, which both provide good examples of the style.



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