I’m a guy who marvels at the bounty of breweries and beers available here in Colorado, along with the awesomeness of the options for outdoor activities. I particularly like connecting the two, whether it’s sipping a beer on a patio, walking through a neighborhood of breweries, biking to breweries, or even taking a light rail adventure. I gravitate toward malty beers, Belgians, and German beers and away from the IPA universe and sours but I’ll try to mix some of those into my posts as well. I’ll also occasionally pull in some friends as guest bloggers for different perspectives.

This blog is dedicated getting together with friends to spend an afternoon or evening wandering between neighborhood breweries on foot, bike, RTD, or a short drive I do most of my beer drinking in Denver but occasionally explore other Front Range brewery circuits to. My hope is that you’ll find the blog informative regarding various breweries and their offerings, but moreover that it’ll provide some ideas and inspiration for ready-made beer neighborhood tours.

Iron Bird Tasters