Congress Park Taproom

In addition to hundreds of great breweries, the Denver area is also home to a number of taphouses including Congress Park Taphouse at 8th and Colorado. The taphouse serves an under-breweried part of town with a menu of beers from the Front Range, plus a few other Colorado and out-of-state brewers. Many of the beers aren’t particularly unique – standard brews from Colorado Beer Company, O’Dells, Left Hand, etc. but there’s also a fair collection of beers from smaller breweries like Resolute and Diebolt. The taproom serves wine as well.

The utilitarian space has bar seating, hightops, and regular tables, plus darts and a collection of board games. It also offers numerous tv’s and a popcorn machine. Additionally, a small front patio faces Colorado Boulevard and the CU Medical Campus pile of rubble. The taproom is part of a group of small neighborhood business that include several food places if you want to eat more than popcorn while you drink.
Patio With CU Medical Pile

The servers were generally friendly and have a great knowledge of the beers they serve. On a couple of occasions they recommended tasting certain unusual beers before ordering a full pint to insure that we would enjoy the full experience.

Overall I don’t think that this qualifies as a destination-bar, but for those who live in or visit the neighborhood it offers a convenient place to sample a variety of craft beers.