Pub Pass 2019

2018 Version of the Pub Pass

Don’t forget to put in an order for your 2019 Denver Pub Pass so you can have it in your hands to start your year of free beers on January 1. This coming year brings a handful of new drinking establishments to complement the returning venues for a total of 25 free beers for only 25 bucks! In my opinion this is one of the best deals in town.

For those in the Boulder area there’s a Boulder version with 15 bars/taprooms for only 15 bucks.

As always, just because the beer is free don’t forget to tip the bartender if you received good service!

Denver Mug Club

If you’re needing an excuse to get out to try new breweries around town and meet some new people check out the Denver Mug Club. It’s basically a traveling version of the mug clubs that many individual breweries have, where you get your own personal mug that gets you discounts on fills and other perks. From the sound of it, they lug a case full of mugs to a different brewery every month and you get your first beer free, discounts on additional Mug Clubbeers all month, and some other perks. All this for 10 bucks a month. 

Upcoming Breweries:

  • March: Fiction Beer Company
  • April: Briar Common Brewery
  • May: Bierstadt Lager
  • June: Spangalang Brewery
  • July: Great Divide Brewing Co.
  • August: Bruz Beers